The ValleyDAO

The ValleyDAO community is made up of Growers. They collectively help both the organization and one another grow. The DAO is managed by a core team called the Original Growers or ‘OGs’.

Get involved by joining one of our biweekly community calls. See our calendar for details

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The Operations Growth Group supports the planning, execution, and monitoring of DAO-wide activities. Some of these activities include project management, defining goals and metrics, governance, tokenomics and legal and contractual obligations.

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The Communications Growth Group focuses on community engagement, education, social media, content creation and event hosting. This group is one of the most active ones in the organization and is always looking for writers and community gurus.

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Dealflow & Incubation

Dealflow & Incubation identifies and evaluates research projects that ValleyDAO can fund and incubate into IP and eventual commercialization. The group hosts academics, industry stakeholders, and entrepreneurs all working together to support researchers.

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DAO Structure