Discover GROW

The GROW token unlocks the ValleyDAO ecosystem, allowing community members to vote on the funding and governance of synthetic biology research and in acquiring fractions of the resulting technologies through IP-NFTs.

GROW Utility


Token holders receive governance rights over ValleyDAO's treasury, what research is funded, and how the synthetic biology IP-NFT portfolio is managed.

Stake in IP-NFTs

GROW holders can use their tokens to acquire fractions of ValleyDAO's IP-NFTs , granting holders a stake in the advancement of ValleyDAO's funded academic research projects.


GROW is used to attract and incentivise talent and expertise to support the development of ValleyDAO’s funded IP-NFTs.

Tech Tree Platform

GROW will serve as the native token to power the technology tree initiative, supporting the creation of knowledge databases for the synthetic biology industry.

Our Ecosystem

The GROW token allows the ValleyDAO community to source, vet and fund synthetic biology technologies directly tackling climate and food challenges.
The submitted research projects go first through a due-diligence process followed by a community vote. The projects green-lighted by the community get funded.
The IP generated through funded research is then made productive. This could be through sub-licensing to industrial partners or spinning out into a startup with support from the ValleyDAO community.
The proceeds are not only passed back into the ValleyDAO community treasury to fund new research projects but also given to the researcher(s) in the form of royalty payments or startup equity.




Token Distribution

Token Vesting

DAO Governance

Transparently see what the DAO is doing, share your opinion, and vote on proposals

Discourse is ValleyDAO's hub for governance discussions. Here, you can voice opinions, give feedback, and talk through key proposals like research funding, IP-NFT licensing, on/off-boarding of work group members and other key decisions that require the attention of the wider community.

Approved governance proposals on Discourse move to Snapshot for final voting. This streamlined process ensures well-discussed, informed decisions, facilitated by $GROW token voting within ValleyDAO.

How to buy GROW

1. Get a crypto wallet

For GROW ownership and proposal voting, you'll need a self-custodian (user owned) crypto wallet that works with the Ethereum or Optimism network. We suggest using MetaMask for.

2. Buy ETH on Ramp

You'll need some Ethereum (ETH) to purchase GROW. Services such as Ramp enable you to buy ETH with your credit card, which can then be used to obtain GROW and cover network fees for the transactions.

3. Buy GROW on Uniswap

Now, the final step is to go to a decentralized exchange like Uniswap, where you can exchange your ETH for GROW. Once you have GROW, you'll be able to vote on on-chain proposals using Snapshot.

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